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Fine District System

In 2002 it assumed the identity of the Cangri to carry out under his own seal (the Inc. Congris) his work In this disc the subject the great robbery, that is included it counted on the exceptional collaboration of Lito in his recording. Right that same year carried out the first Reggaeton Tour, a […]

Coal Furnaces

The suspension burning have many applications, mainly because it permits burning of oil, pulverized coal, and natural gas. Coal The pulverized has always presented itself an advantageous alternative will be uses in the thermal electricity. The uses of pulverized coal requires adds special care with flame stability and fuel preparation, involving conveyors, silos, mills and […]

Local Committees

The Syria forces of security abrieron fire during protests in Syria locality of Hama. They calculate that 100,000 people went out. The protests against the regime of A Asad also have taken place in the east of the country, where eight deceaseds have entered themselves. At least thirty people died this Friday by the firings […]

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