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The warning must be reduced the term and be signed by the parts. The obligation to repair the damage is the second partner-educative measure, made use in article 116 of the ECA, with basically educative purpose and the objective of awaking and developing the sense of the responsibility of the adolescent in face what it […]

Tarot Egyptian

The arcane Egyptian harness, passion, XV has its correlate in the devil in the Gypsy tarot. Both symbolize inside tarot Chuck, all related to the primary energy, instinct and creative enthusiasm. The forces of the Earth and nature speak through this letter. Egyptian Tarot, of course, there is the Christian notion of devil. For this […]

European Union

(SILVEIRA, 1999, P. 245) The workmanship of Saramago makes the relation of history, including passed and present. As Maria of the Alzira Pebbles that contemporary says on the space of the Portuguese romance the space of this romance it is a space where the native land notion continues to be problematizada above all in its […]

Nice For Your

You are concerned about aesthetics and style of your pet? If these concerned about the aesthetics of your pet, one of the most visible to accompany your pet on the street articles are necklaces and belts, which apart from the whole life, we can find in internet collars for dogs of very varied designs. On […]

Refrigeration Equipment Repair

Faucet in the bathroom was broken after all, has evolved, leaking and broken at all, that is broken away. Considered carefully, and then half the parts from the usual aluminum, well, maybe, duralumin, a little harder. Well this is what savings, right? Aluminium is now much cheaper brass and copper, an integral part of a […]

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