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Anibal Basurto Company

The intelligent enterprise as a proposal for the organizational transformation that raises Anibal Basurto, goes beyond a conceptual level; Since it offers approaches that constitute working tools that employers can use to face the current was knowledge. The intelligent enterprise system looks for the comos to be competitive and to develop leadership in the market, […]

Organic Data

These subjects are therefore regarded as observation units, cases or feature carrier. 3 the 500 units of observation of the organic farmer come from a defined set of all possible observation units (1,500 diabetics of the sales area of the farmer). Population, also called this quantity of all possible observation units. Statistical surveys such as […]

Bremen Organic Seal

Eco flag law applies not only to food may with the so-called “bio seal” was marked and placed on the market be feed for pets. The eco flag law applies not only to food. The State of Bremen had a company which produces animal feed for pet animals and these with the eco indicator referred […]

Organic Speech

Recommendations for adults in this case are simple – be yourself changed so that the child was not only safe but also useful to be like you. Motivation or prospective benefits often our unconscious uses illness to meet some my need. "What benefits can be obtained from the disease?" – You ask. Imagine that a […]

Small Workmanships

When making a residential change for a new house is very common that the living futures of the house want to make a decoration in all the cmodos. This is super understandable, therefore almost everybody that thinks about making a residential change wants to have a house novinha in leaf. It very makes the decoration […]

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