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Unfortunately, we are often faced with irrational organization of work in domestic banks. With rare exceptions in individual departments, for example, the same contact centers can be built normally work, but Here are qualitatively organize customer service processes across the bank is far from over. On the example of his rich experience in the banking sector is one of our leading consultants tried to simulate situation where all the front-office processes of the bank's automated using CRM-system. As in the case described in the post "Why use a CRM-system in the bank?" The entire sample is given in the form of a dialogue between the employee and permanent customer of the bank. Despite the fact that, at first glance, the whole work of the banking structure should be clearly regulated and structured, that the right approach, should contribute to the successful application automated systems, the reality of the situation, as a rule, is quite different. And not only that instead of using a centralized system, for example, CRM-system, some operations the bank's specialists have conducted in the abs, the other in a card system, the third in the deposit, etc. That is, there is a functional approach to the implementation of automated systems are well described in a post on the implementation of crm.

In addition, often there is a situation when different units of the bank just competing among themselves, fighting for money for the client. At the same time, the head office, instead, that would minimize internal competition creates additional conditions for its development. This contributes to the lack of full access to information about customers of different departments, the lack of a transparent system of incentives for employees of the bank, a large number of similar banking products, as well as inability to effectively organize to work together to service customers of the bank among the various units. And "suffering" from a business process customers!

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