Aging Process

Many scientists say they do not know what is responsible for the aging process. Others might say it is a normal part of life cycle. I would like to present a new and exciting observation here that may shed light on the causes of the aging process and how that can potentially be not only halted but reversed. What follows is based on anecdotal case studies have made and continue to carry out a new tool they have developed called Mind Resonance Process (TM) (MRP). In the last 10 years I have been working with MRP to help people effectively dissolve limiting beliefs and negative emotions have on his conscience. Such beliefs and emotions are stored in the mind / body as a result of learning and life experience of the individual. However, although some beliefs may be altered in time with the new learning, rather than the result of repeated experiences almost become “integrated” within the person.

Wiring which implies that there is a real physiological change that occurs in the physical body on many levels. This is the wiring “effect” appears to be responsible for the aging process in my opinion. This idea has its roots in many points I have made use of MRP while helping individuals essentially “dissolve” limiting beliefs and emotions of consciousness. The net result of this company has been: a great sense of renewed energy in the body, a feeling of revitalization, weight loss, feeling of floating, a youthful glow that emanates from the person and a resurgence of the characteristics of young .

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