Aiguestortes National Park

Today we will visit the Valle de Aran, tourist spot that you’ll find in the catalan Pyrenees, and inside it are going to visit Baqueira Beret. A quiet area where you can meet atop the mountain, is see animals grazing and enjoy its numerous sights. The peace and quiet you will find there will not find it in many more places. Now let’s find apartments valle de Aran. As we are going to move us most of the time from Baqueira, why not we seek apartments Baqueira Beret? Now let’s plan our summer activities, since this is the time we chose to visit. Do you like walking? I hope that, Yes, because what we have planned are a few long walks in the mountains. If you ever asked you where pass your summer holidays? Is time that you should say: in the mountains, since the Aran Valley is known for its mountains, and above all by the ski slopes of Baqueira Beret.

You can not go without knowing Baqueira Beret tracks. You will realize that are quantity, and for all levels. You can find several courses. Excursions are also another option. You can make tours around the best-known zones of the Valle de Aran. You can go by car or you can walk, but I I prefer most by hiking. Places that I recommend you visit.

-Baqueira Beret. -Naut of Aran. -Vielha. -Refuge of Colomers. -Its lakes: Lake San Mauricio, Lake of Mar, Rius, Baciver Lakes. -D Aiguestortes National Park. – And many other areas that you can explore, both on foot and by car, even can take bicycle and make tours with her. In summer, the Aran Valley looks another color, snow is going and start another type of activities. The range of activities is wide and for all tastes, so if you visit this area you will find what you were looking for. His landscapes are impressive, so be sure to look at each place that you present. Enjoy the views, takes your camera and some binoculars, you can find any animal that you didn’t know, you can see horses, animal grazing and even cows can interfere in your path. An unforgettable trip that will make you that you appreciate each day our country landscapes, landscapes of our land.

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