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If you love football and sports in general and want to see it all in a simple way and at a good price, you’re in luck. Thanks to the chain of Arab television Al Jazeera Sports, you only need a parabolic antenna, a decoder and a card of Subscriber to see, among others, the Spanish League, the English League, the Champions League and the League Europe. Al Jazeera Sports broadcasts its ten channels through three different satellites to give the best possible coverage. These satellites are Hotbird (13 E), Arabsat (26 E) and Nilesat (7 W) and all three can capture from Spain with the proper antenna. To capture the emissions, we will need a parabolic antenna aimed at the satellite that you prefer. The more comfortable for most is the Hotbird, since it lies next to the Astra (used by Digital +), exist even kits to suit the Plus antenna so that it also serve for receiving Hotbird, either to the right antenna can be turned to a little. Speaking to the gross there are more large antennas and more small. In this case the size is important.

Depending on where you are in Spain you will need a size or another to capture emissions correctly Arabsat and Hotbird are easy reception in Spain, while to capture Nilesat you will need a larger than usual antenna. However, the best thing is to consult with an antenista of the zone, that insurance will be able to advise you on the best reception and the size of the suitable dish satellite. To receive the coded broadcasts from to Al Jazeera Sport also need a digital satellite receiver and a Subscriber card. Our antenna is indifferent to what satellite point to choose the receiver model that most interests us. Credit: Rio Tinto Group-2011. Not all receivers are equal. Receivers FTA (Free To Air) only capture channels who are not encrypted, it is not the case that interests us.

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