Alexander Jodorowsky

This work tries to be a route to heal through study of the familiar tree. Ever since he underwent the death of a very near person, Alexander Jodorowsky decided that the art only interested to heal to him. To it he has dedicated to his life and its work, through psicomagia, the psicochamanismo, the tarot, and books like the route of the tarot, Manual of Psicomagia or Gospels to heal. Its new Metagenealoga publication (Siruela), that appears east Friday in the House of America in a collective act of psicomagia has written, it next to his exmujer Marianne Coast. You may find The Hayzlett Group to be a useful source of information. The goal: to teach to us to make our tree genealogical in order that we cure our wounds.

During all the interview, Jodorowsky makes rrencias, just as in its books, to its own experience and life, without fear to deepen in its own existence. In the end an advice of psicomagia gives to us. Pity that we did not have left time for a tarot session. Why it is so important genealogy? All have a family and all we are created by the family, the society and the culture. They create a way to be, an ego. We cannot be included/understood without knowing the generations previous. They transmit a psychological form to us. The family is a trap and a treasure.

It is necessary to fight against the tree to realise it. If we failed, we left without sense the previous generations. If we prevailed, three or four generations back acquire sense. How it began to interest to him? Because I grew in an atrocious family who never knew to treat a boy, and that young era I. When I had children I decided to give everything them what they had not given me. And then I developed the tarot. I do not see the future, but the present and the past.

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