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The intelligent enterprise as a proposal for the organizational transformation that raises Anibal Basurto, goes beyond a conceptual level; Since it offers approaches that constitute working tools that employers can use to face the current was knowledge. The intelligent enterprise system looks for the comos to be competitive and to develop leadership in the market, based on the requirements presented in this new era. I believe that this system searches for the growth of the individual as a being of thinking within the Organization, which generate value to the processes and the end customer. It is interesting to find a complete system (SEI) that helps organizations to foster a culture of competitiveness and transcendence of persons, which is personas-solucion to today’s society and that helps in the development of the intellectual capital of all the members of the company as the axis of his vision. This system has significant features that contribute to present a real alternative in this world of constant change, living in the day to day and that struggle to make companies a real Center of development, as well as also search given learning and continuous self-learning of persons. For all this, you can see that interested in intelligent business system transformation of the people who comprise the Organization, since they are the main asset of any company and we know that it is difficult to achieve its absolute transformation since it is a work of great work, but at a time of great satisfaction to who succeeds. Today no single company, this can really make a difference with the tools that are offered using them properly, which will enable you to achieve its mission and vision. Bibliography: Book: System company intelligent author: Hannibal Basurto Amparano (ABA) author of article: Izeth Valenzuela Mendoza tuition: A0209037 subject: La promotora consulting of change in organizations original author and source of the article

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