With our colloquies I was discovering its history and as he was its daily one being a person with visual deficiency, among others information that we change in intention to know plus one of the other. Our relationship started serious, full of sincerity. In the start, when not yet we had privacy and alone in we said for the Internet I to them ‘ ‘ it stepped on in ovos’ ‘ when it wanted to ask something to it on its deficiency. It had taken root in my thought things that I learned ‘ ‘ to hear falar’ ‘ others that believed to be truths due to the common sense. It had distrust to make questions on the daily one of it, as it made certain things that I believed that probably it would be more inaccessible for (as the use of the computer, cellular, to cook, to clean the house, etc.); ‘ prevented the verb; ‘ ver’ ‘ , it found that he would be impolite or something seemed to use it with a person who cannot see, found that it could become resentful by some question mine.

In the anxiety to show that I did not have preconceptions I discovered, me full of daily pay-formed concepts that total did not leave me to the will to relate me with it I discovered, me as I really was and he did not see. I coexisted auditory deaf and deficient people, therefore he made a course of Pounds. I was always on to the questions related to the deficiencies. this already came contributing for the magnifying of my knowledge on the subject, but I discovered in the relationship with Geofilho that all we have preconceptions and that they are not necessarily, negatives. We acquire one form to understand and to interpret the situations and people, however we have that to search information to understand the people as they really are, without esteretipos, therefore when the subject is deficiency ‘ ‘ pessoa’ ‘ it comes before it.

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