When if it treats to bring electronic of the United States exist two ways of if obtaining what it wants: using the Priest or using the Post offices. They see what colored person made: ‘ ‘ Tava there the priest seated in the armchair of the airplane waiting the take-off when of the side of it a escultural colored person seats, to stop the transit. The priest was a good priest and he did not give as much attention (only a bit), pra it was only plus a son of Deus.Mas knows as he is, colloquy goes, colloquy comes, the priest was amolecendo, because the young one was same a phenomenon, simpatissssima still superficially. There for the way it flight leaves me to colored person with this: – Priest, will be that Mr. does not ask for to help me? I exaggerated a bit in the purchases and I am from fear to enroscar in customs! Mr. could not take this Iphone 4, that I bought, until the exit of the airport? Pleeeeaaaaase? The priest not wise person what to make: certain it was not, but also the taxes in Brazil were a robbery! moreover the young so likeable and so pretty and so gostosa age, wants to say so good people! Without knowing what to make the priest she gave a reply half there half here: – Son Knows, is against my principles to lie, then what I can make she is to try.

But I go informing, if to stop to the overseer and to ask me to some thing I do not go to lie, all good? There pra was the priest to see in what it gave. worse is the luck has of these things, therefore the inspector decided to stop the priest just! Being the priest a priest the inspector was half without skill of revistar, then he only asked: – Being Mr. who is knows that it does not go to lie pra me: it is taking you I obtain some item that finds necessary to declare in customs? Without the lesser hesitation the priest answers: – Son, I confess you that I am leading with me, hidden under the batina, an item that all man has and that no woman in the world lives without. By the way, when the woman catches in one of these is at least 1 hour of fight! This here with me, unhappyly, is novinho in leaf never was used. Wants to give one olhadinha? What the encabulado inspector answers very: – Necessary not Priest! He can pass! It can pass! ‘ ‘ Moral of history: if you will not be a escultural colored person and she will not have in the hand a priest who is almost a genius, the possibility is great of you if to give very badly! On the other hand it is possible to practically bring of everything of the United States without running risks, of calm conscience. Either a Iphone or a digital machine, a computer or one pendrive, everything can go for the post offices. It sees AS TO MATTER OF the UNITED STATES IN 4 STAGES.

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