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To play possesss an elaborative character, that produces and results in transformations. The tricks and the toys, function, as mediating of the relation of the man with the world, modify the perception and the understanding that of it if has, consisting in genuine tools to learn to live, to also live in society, since to […]

Child Psychology

‘ ‘ The society always saw the necessity to understand as the infantile development happens. with this some thinkers had initiated studies that disclosed the occurrence of this development. Currently on the basis of the studies of these thinkers, but especificadamente in Psychology, appear psychology of the development that serves as support parents and professors […]

Valery Meladze

Pursuing the study of non-material science today, I can not but affect the extent to which this is an interesting and creative process. And the fact that the study of non-material science should not be allowed ignorant scoundrels and villains, God is absolutely right. Humanity must undergo a process called Apocalypse for cleaning their own […]

HomePage Value

May have the following conditions removal: 1. The cell replacement key is written ALL deletes the start and end tags and all of the text (including other tags), contained between them. 2. The cell replacement key is written ALL-deletes all text (Including other tags), contained between the start and end tags. Tags themselves are not […]

Edinelma Moraes

(Ligia Sousa) ' ' Not, unhappyly we read little, more I will make with that my son reads sufficiently not to have difficulty as eu' '. (Sousa Joo) ' ' The majority of my family does not like to read, only my father to read with frequncia' '. (Edinelma Moraes) the lack of reading in […]


The arcane major of the Sun is one of which they own one of the richest and profuse illustrations of the mallet of the tarot. The Sun symbolizes many things, following how is watched it. For great amount of old civilizations, in all the continents, and that probably never has known their mutual existence, the […]


Do not know where and how to buy? don’t know if there may be any offer in special brands? are looking for any brand in particular? You don’t know how to buy over the Internet? Therefore we present Carritus, a site offering the tool to compare the prices of different supermarkets in Spain: Mercadona, Carrefour, […]

Come True Self

On execution of a desire to write many books. And who of us have desires? Unless the dead … But that’s willing to be correct, so do not get the opposite of his plan. I would like to offer you a step by step sending their wishes into the universe. At first a little explanation. […]

The Project

Never, but never assume you do not assume. Do not give anything of course. If you have doubts, clarify it. If you suspect, it asks This will save you many bad misunderstandings this should apply both to technical and operational matters as the delicate and financiers, is incredible the amount of bad understood that form […]

Cheap Hotels

Mendoza, wine place par excellence, offers diversity of landscapes and activities carried out in the different seasons of the year. Both the province of Mendoza and the city that bears his name, with its landscapes and tourist activities are invited to visit them in every month of the year. Thanks to the low rainfall and […]

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