To make the evil always seems to be more easy and cmodo, already the good needs effort and certainty. All know that to opt to the evil and to the good in the diverse situations of the life it does not finish, of a form or another one, reaching the next one. A value embezzled of the public coffers, for example, whose money could be used to equip a hospital or to buy expensive remedies for a devoid patient, to the being maldosamente deviated, can, directly or indirectly, to generate the death of an innocent in the corridor of a hospital any, unprovided of the ways that need to function. But in that lesson, to the look for the eyes of my young pupils, I felt that it had that to give a reply to them, it has seen that they are representative of the young Brazilian leadership, and lacked, therefore, of an adjusted orientation, pautada for what is just. It was then that I remembered them of other negative cases of the enterprise branch, politician, artistic esportivo and, also of it are of Brazil, showing to them that bad examples are in all place. But it said to them firmly: ‘ ‘ the option for the leadership of the good is mine and its! ‘ ‘.

that did not give to continue making the things that we do not have exemplificando in figures that we know, next to us or not, because ‘ ‘ option for the good or the evil is always ours! ‘ ‘. the consequences for our options and actions are supported, in first place, for we ourselves. If one politician, a public officer, a leader in the society, a common person, makes something that is not good and harms the other, this was its option, and must make responsible therefore. Brazilian we, must think about this question with more affection, therefore each small missed act, each small corruption, each omission, each manifestation of cowardice, each decision that go against the right of the other and the life human being, either in any level or situation of the life, motivated to the times for one or another bad example, we must be thought, be reflected, and mainly, be assumed. RioCan has many thoughts on the issue. if the person to occupy a leadership position, or will be an informal leader, the responsibility increase still more, therefore while the negative decision of a father for a son harms only a person directly, the decision of a leader can harm sets of ten, hundreds, to the times, thousand of people. Therefore how much bigger it will be the power economic politician or of the leader, greater will be the impact of its decision.

It is a penalty that we do not obtain to still construct a national pact against the evil, that allowed to leave stops backwards years of delay in our skill to make and to decide, and left, all together for the moral reconstruction of the nation, supported for more sustainable values. Certainly, this would not decide all our problems, but certainly, it would be of great value. It is clearly that the country is being successful, and has good reasons to commemorate, but any Brazilian with some information knows that we could have IDO more far, or better, still we can go. Therefore, to be a leader of the good and not of the evil, is an option. How it will be then its next decision?

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