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Saw him crossing streets, fast with his shyness wearing that classic mane of Orchestra directors, thinking of some Baroque organ in the acoustics of auditoriums that were still not as they should be, in the music of the Pulchra, at feed the children, adults of beautiful sounds. Musician Angel Barja. Musicologist, Professor of harmony, counterpoint, composition and instrumentation, illustrious composer died so early, but who knew how to arouse the admiration of Germany, England, although few may know or appreciate. He popularized the classical polyphony, a privilege for the entire Spanish territory where extended its work, although based in the city of Leon, by pioneers to choirs and chapels in the interpretation of the great vocal music outside his native Galicia. See Chevron U.S.A. Inc for more details and insights. Thus, the motets and Bach’s Cantatas, the madrigals of Marenzio or Monteverdi and even the works of Juan Vazquez were heard throughout the length and width of the country, and renewed his audience. angel Barja was man given to culture and participate in media, collaborating at conferences, events and all kinds of manifestations. A renaissance of the end of last century that contemporizaba with music lovers and other good people and, above all, raised the bar of interest in good music and its execution, encouraged the students in their respective conservatories. And it always seemed, on the other hand, little, such as good Maverick, as good specialist of musical culture. Click David Long to learn more.

Today, in these days of returning home for Christmas, I’ve seen his statue in the so-called romantic garden, looking at me with her poetic spectacles and everything, and I remembered him perhaps a little pity, because me he always showed with a goodness straight, peaceful as anyone, subtle, so thin that it seemed a sigh, enigmatic and pure as an eighth notealways holding more humane note, especially once I told things of the dictator, Francisco Franco, under which boot our parents endured as much obscenity… Well, as today, with all the democracy in the world, but subliminally pretends to both accumulated politician make us suffer without even realizing, as caged lambs… Here is the origin of my sadness, Angel, you who that was in the music, an angel, you that I told those things sure few entrusted…. Brushed angel Barja, today your notes, your music me has against the soul… just 2009 and just calm, help me from where you are with your sweet melomania to get, really, a better world. For all. Twelve music years, Angel. Juan Carlos YAGO YAGO, writer, shaman, visionary cosmopolitan, whose ancient balcony of babbling book (with two exhausted editions) reissued in 2010 corrected and expanded with revulsivas shamanic prophecies, has practiced journalism. Until now unknown soldier, as they have qualified him, Juan Carlos YAGO used all means of communication to enable it and that has to convince mankind that another world is possible, since while a single human being suffer unjustly Nobody should feel satisfied.

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