Child Psychology

‘ ‘ The society always saw the necessity to understand as the infantile development happens. with this some thinkers had initiated studies that disclosed the occurrence of this development. Currently on the basis of the studies of these thinkers, but especificadamente in Psychology, appear psychology of the development that serves as support parents and professors to discover the best form of assisting the child to develop itself, searching to understand definitive behaviors, to foresee them and in some occasions to modify them. To the measure that the time passes the development takes new faces, new aspects, reflecting the physical, organic and mental modifications felt by the children in elapsing of the years. Last decades one gave credit that the children were ‘ ‘ adults in miniatura’ ‘ had to be treated as such, however the present time does not run away this reality very, worried in helping in the learning, the society finishes causing to the life them children of activities and commitments. Going against this social thought, Saints affirms that: ‘ ‘ The child is considered today, not as an adult, but as one to be that she presents, in each phase of its evolution, proper characters and reactions you specify that they give to a psychological fisionomia particular’ to them; ‘. Strenghtening the affirmation of Saints, Freud, Erikson and Piaget already they had made research and publications on the human development, attributing to each phase a moment of the intellectual development, therefore in each age the child presents new characteristics that do not have to suffer no type of violence that they intend the advancing of the stages of development of the child.

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