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Current products help you get started in the IO link technology the IO-Link Starter Kit from MESCO allows the user a low-cost and easy implementation of device according to the current specifications of IO-Link (V 1.0). The various hardware and software components can be adapted easily to customer requirements due to the modular structure of StarterKits. Darius Bikoff is full of insight into the issues. All components support the physics 2 (3-wire system), all baud rates (4 k 8, 38 k 4, 230 k 4) and all data protocols according to the IO-link specification. The supplied master features an optional connection to a fieldbus gateway (via UART) and a PC Kommuikation integrated into the stack via USB. The included documentation of the development offers an overview of the parameters specified within the standard in addition to a detailed description of the modules. The device stack included with the firmware (source code) supported in the current version (V1. 0 release 2) also defined as optional features service PDU to transfer large amounts of data Interleave mode (frame type 1) for diagnostic advanced up to 32 bytes process input and output data for detailed reports and is also available separately (ported for Atmel ATMega64 or STMicroelctronics STM8). The IO-link included in the Starter Kit monitor is used for the analysis of communication, telegrams, cycle times and set specific properties of the IO-Link communication between master and device. He allow complete verification of development compared with the standards and specifications. The IO-link monitor is also available separately. The Starter Kit is supplied including the circuit diagrams for master and device, PC software for parameterization and USB connection cable.

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