Compounds Fruits

It differentiates between simple carbohydrates and compounds? The difference between simple carbohydrates and compounds.Carbohydrates, also called carbohydrates, are found almost exclusively in foods of plant origin. If one of the three major chemical groups forming organic matter along with fats and proteins. In a more or less balanced diet of 300 gr/day carbohydrates should come from fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates are the most abundant in the biosphere and, at the same time organic compounds the most diverse. They normally are in parts plants also in the tissues of animals, such as glucose or glycogen and structural. They serve as a source of energy for all vital cell activities. They provide 4 kcal / gram of protein and energy are considered macronutrients as fat.

We can find an infinite number and variety of foods and they play an important role in metabolism. So you must have a strong presence in our daily diet. In a varied and balanced about diet 300 gr/day of carbohydrates should come from fruits and vegetables, which are not only provide carbohydrates, but they also provide vitamins, minerals, and a lot of vegetable fibres. Another 50 g to 100. Newspapers must be complex cereals, i.e. and its derivatives.

Always prefer grains which retain their bark, whole grains. They are rich in vitamins of the B complex, minerals, vegetable protein and fiber, obviously. Fiber must always be present in an amount of 30 Gr. every day in order to prevent diseases and disorders such as obesity weight. All diets low in calories from fruits and vegetables are useful because they provide large quantity of nutrients without too many calories. Characteristic functions of carbohydrates in the body are met, energy, saving of proteins, regulate fat metabolism and structure. Energy, carbohydrates provide 4 kcal (kilocalories) per gram of dry weight. This is without taking into account the content of water where the food is carbohydrates.

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