The limits of size. Mass production & globalisation – but only as long as ecological and social aspects according to be considered (in the long run). When researching many professionals with specific expertise and must develop in order to be able to produce a product and even if certain, elaborate production technologies are required, that will be possible only at an industrial mass production. “Here donate Division of labour processes and the effect of economy of scale people benefit as long as ecological and social aspects accordingly (in the long run) be taken into account. Central sites require at least a high amount of infrastructure and logistics (material procurement, House and distribution of final products) and generate traffic with all its negative effects.

How it looks with the many things of in daily life, which can be manufactured with craftsmanship and know-how of individualists? Food, clothing, and other technically producible goods must in Masses are generated at central locations, manufactured and traded? Food providers in the places within walking distance – instead of the controllable only by car supermarkets in the green meadow. Schuster in the vicinity, which individually to produce the shoes and also repair and maintenance. More expensive but more durable. Small structured business entities promote / communicate in the place, generate less traffic, promote personal responsibility and raise the self-esteem of the operator. Without middlemen, face to face”- directly from the producer to the consumer. There is more for the manufacturer and more for the customers. The initiative itself to tackle, is promoted in such an environment. The barriers are lower and there are more opportunities to take part. buecher.htm

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