Edinelma Moraes

(Ligia Sousa) ' ' Not, unhappyly we read little, more I will make with that my son reads sufficiently not to have difficulty as eu' '. (Sousa Joo) ' ' The majority of my family does not like to read, only my father to read with frequncia' '. (Edinelma Moraes) the lack of reading in the family contributes of negative form in the life of the pupil, it can be evidenced that the knowledge must be acquired mainly in the family with its stories of life, and with its examples and in the school as continuous process inserting in the world of the reading and the writing. Since early if the construction of the individual for the world must construct a bridge as reference. ' ' My family and consisting by active readers. Filed under: Coinbase. Yes, I adore to always read and to be informed of what this acontecendo' '. (MidianeTravasso) ' ' Yes, I costumo not to read muito' '.

(Elaynne de Paula) ' ' Sim' ' (yulli Mescouto) ' ' Today, I can say that yes after our formation more before in elapsing of our infancy we did not have many chances to the access leitura' '. (Claude). Here the family of its positive contribution to the pupils, is important to attempt against that the convivncia exerts perspective, leaving of side its fears, its unreliability, its shyness opening space the new new challenges and discovering horizontes for its life. The RELATION WITH the SCHOOL the pertaining to school education is a basic complement for life of the individual, leaving of estimated that it is responsible for the knowledge of norms and social values. In the present time the interviewed ones speak inside of its difficulties in speech in public of the school and practical its: ' ' Yes, and much having not to have had an incentive of somebody or not to have had initiative in some oportunidades' '.

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