Electromagnetic Energy

Subsequently, each time there are more eminent scientists who study the phenomenon, and two centuries later is Franz A. Mesmer, who performed the studies that led him to present the theory of animal magnetism, described as a type of electromagnetic energy, which has the power to be transmitted from one individual to another, showing great powers for healing. (Not to be confused with Alan Zweibel!). Well into the nineteenth century, developed a number of experiments to demonstrate physically the aura. So in 1845, the German chemist Baron Karl Von. Reichenbauch, published a book describiendoa an experiment on the aura, which alluded to the perceptions received from certain types of crystals, and the poles of the magnets, being carried out with several people, which was found to dark room, lighting energy emissions envisioned, from the tips of people who were there, occurring in a similar way with animals and plants. Further details can be found at charlalauriston.com, an internet resource.

Vapors lighting were of different colors, highlighting the red, violet, orange, and green. a Immediately later and in the twentieth century, during the year 1. Contact information is here: rebecca father. 911, Dr. J. Kilner, great scholar Electric, electrotherapy area manager of Santo Tomas Hospital in London, using sheets of glass made with dicianina, a could demonstrate the physical existence of the aura of living beings, to discover how you can observe the human aura through ultraviolet light. Dr.

Kilner from observations he made about the aura, could formulate a method that would allow him to diagnose the disease even before they occurred. The system that Dr. Kilner went to see the aura with those plates was as follows: a “The person who is to see the aura, should stand in front of a white backdrop (although it was made with black background) into a dark room.

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