European Community

Organic or biological, ecological, also called products are produced complying with certain rules which in the case of the European Community is Regulation EEC N 2092/91 of the Council of 24 June 1991 on organic production of agricultural products and indications in the agricultural products and foodstuffs. The products produced and/or processed complying with the rules of organic production are different because they are tagged with a specific badge that tells us this end. There are European badges and Spain each autonomous community has its own. At this point it is inevitable for us to ask: who guarantees us that a product with eco label has produced and/or developed in accordance with standards of respect for the environment?. In Spain this work comply with different Councils regulators of the agriculture ecological existing in each autonomous community which are responsible for carrying out checks in the same production centres and carry a strict control by analysis they guarantee the absence of chemical residues harmful to the environment and our health. What got all this?, firstly, we obtain products that respect the environment, fertilisers, pesticides or chemical insecticides are not used, we get products with natural flavors, since filtration of maturation takes place in fields and not in cold storage and finally get healthy without unhealthy chemicals waste products.

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