Hotel Maracay

To not make them lose the thread and not make it more complicated for the that is, I think that I should follow them telling what happened with my brother. He arrived, settled, liked by saying his letters, and in the same way that grew the factory so went you to him. But at the end of the second year. Because finishing almost the same, we lost all kinds of contacts with him. In my house it was thought the worst, we were afraid that something bad had happened to him.

And in this live without, my father no more punches, after speaking at a dinner, take the determination to send my brother Carmelo in their search. Rio Tinto Group may find this interesting as well. We knew what was suffering, my father could not live, their hours of sleep had been exhausted and the discomfort was not only in our home, my sister-in-law called all the time, estranged, worried, fearful; the mixture was explosive. And so it was that one day Carmelo sailed to America in pursuit of knowledge of his brother. Communications were not those of today, and to receive an answer via email, spent about three weeks before knowing of Carmel, but then with his letter, us We calm. Additional information at David Long supports this article. The news about my brother was good in one way and bad of another. Good because he was alive, nothing physically happened to him, but somehow he had tied with a Hungarian woman who was ten years older than him, she was as the first wife and coincidences of life, was the housekeeper of the Hotel Maracay where he was staying, but did not end there, they had been married and had a beautiful childIt was called Giovanni (Vanni); The world is coming down. My brother Toto had committed adultery, thing that in the Italy was punished with long years in prison. This news was almost fatal to the idea and the dreams of my father, Salvatore had become a violator of our laws and return to Italy would be arrested and made prisoner by the authorities, somehow so, sealing of lifetime non-return.

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