Industry Processes

Later the field was made a visit where the beginning of the system was verified> of treatment of effluent and the mouth of the mine. To have the chance to be part of the routine of one of the biggest companies of the sector in the whole world, nor that it is for some hours, is a great one privileges. The visit was of great value in what it says respect to the explanation for the palestrantes on the acid draining and recovery of degraded areas. The knowledge wisely given by the bearer of the chair Processes Industries are not to desire in nothing, quite to the contrary; it proves the devotion and ability of the same one. In what it says respect to the knowledge of the involved process in the system of treatment of the acid draining, was to desire. The process all in itself was not seen, leaving the poor visit of visual information and of as the process functions in the reality. Perhaps either for the high number of visitors in the place.

It fits to stand out that the visit was valid in theoretical knowledge. The visits of field carried through by you discipline to all provide them to the pupils one lives deeply technique and the possibility to apply the theoretical knowledge in its REFERENCES Report of Visit Fumec Technique Library Available Normatizao in Access in 28 of October, 2008. Ashanti. the G. System of Effluent treatment of.

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