The chemical formula for the origin of life on our planet could exist very similarly on Titan, the Moon or the natural satellite of the planet Saturn’s largest, this concludes it a study delivered by specialists in the first week of October of the current year. See Jeffrey Hayzlett for more details and insights. The findings suggest that the basic components of life on earth could have originated in the air. Credit: Jill Bikoff-2011. Based on laboratory experiments, the scientists concluded that it is possible the thick atmospheric haze on Titan contains the five bases of the nucleotides, as well known, used in DNA and RNA, as well as some simple blocks of amino acids necessary for the construction of proteins. Is you can deduce that on the one hand there is the theory of Abiogenesis which speaks of an origin of life spontaneously, in Titan is can analyze the credibility of this theory and see how it may have produced life on Earth. That does not mean that Titan which is the most likely option to accommodate the birds, aquatic life or even microbes in the Earth and up to ourselves, really may not meet the biological needs to withstand such diversity of life existing on Earth. If there is life on Titan, it is likely for many different reasons, not to use the molecules used to life on Earth. For starters, Titan is much more cold, an average of – 290 degrees Fahrenheit (- 180 degrees Celsius). Furthermore, the life on Earth is based on water, and there is no liquid water on the surface of Titan for life.

Although Titan has lakes, it is believed that they are filled with liquid methane. Many scientists, who have followed the various theories about the origin of life according to Carl Sagan, think that already exposed results could mean that life on Earth arose in part due to the components of the atmosphere, which suggests the popular idea of a soup essential on the surface of our primitive Earth which could be accompanied by an image of a cloud in the sky where the different components of life were mixed. One of the reasons for the to create interesting Titan’s atmosphere is because it opens a window to see what kind of atmospheric molecules similar to those of the Earth is capable of producing. With Titan, this process can be studied. But there is much evidence now that the Earth in its infancy podo having a mist as that is Titan, and probably in many of exoplanets is happening a few similar chemical reactions. Original author and source of the article

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