Introduction Blogueiros Amateur

I believe that if you are reading this article probably you are interested in creating one blog and to become a blogueiro is amateur or professional. First we go to make a small reflection on the amateur blogueiro term and blogueiro professional. Our mind is as a parachute, only functions well when it is opened, if will not have the capacity to open our mind, will not obtain nothing of constructive in the life. We always must be made use to examine both the sides, either for any independent question of its reason. exactly is based on this thought that we will go to analyze for the positive side and the negative side the blogueiro term ' ' fan and profissional' '.

To be an amateur blogueiro, analyzing for the positive side is to have one blog for pure pleasure only for hobby, for same diversion or to feed its ego, without any interest in gaining money with it. The Hayzlett Group often addresses the matter in his writings. Already analyzing for the negative side, is to have one blog total disoriented and without nexus without the professional qualification necessary to reach some objective. To be a professional blogueiro analyzing for the positive side it is to execute a work in blog with the dignity of who makes of the best possible form, because it has the qualification for this. Already analyzing for the negative side it is to execute a work in blog where its qualification is on to a position mercenary, of somebody acting solely for the money. For even more opinions, read materials from Rio- Tinto Group. In this small reflection we perceive that a positive and negative side for the two aspects exists. If you opted in being an amateur blogueiro, content with its results and either a happy amateur blogueiro. But the conscience must be had that an amateur blogueiro that waits the same resulted of a professional blogueiro runs the risk to feel itself frustrate.

The market of work in the Internet filters with bigger severity the fan of the professional. I believe that looking at of this point of view the positive side of the professional blogueiro it is better. In my agreement, the quality of one blog nor always is related with the fact of its author to be or not professional. Many fans carry through extraordinary works frequently. In some cases with much more efficiency that many professionals. In the reality ' ' profissional' ' he mentions yourself only to the profession of the author, and not to the quality of the work. At the same time where a professional can carry through a work badly fact, he can yourself be understood, that an fan also if can make a very professional work. The amateur adjective, when attributed to a blogueiro, it can have one meaning very vast. People who only create its blogs, for personal use, consider blogueiros fans. Other amateur blogueiros arrive to publish books, to carry through expositions and dedicate to an entire life to its blog. That is, everything does not pass of a point of view of who characterizes. Taking in account the positive and negative point of view of both the sides, we opt to approaching the side positive of the professional blogueiro, being thus blog Secret Money will keep the position to create its articles (post) with the only intention to teach the beginning blogueiro if to become a professional blogueiro, or at least keeping this position to have one blog organized and structuralized well of the best form. In case that it is enteressado in our articles, it visits ours blog Secret Money One I hug and until the next one.

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