Is There Really Love

A man and a woman are globally misunderstood, until the halves join together in one whole. Why, you ask one, but I can tell you … Long ago, before the advent of matriarchy in the emerging communities in the time of environment was only the sky, the sun yes land of greenery sprouting on it appeared a creature. By nature they were bisexual, so do not waste your time searching for a male (female) for procreation or just for joy. Mining Company: the source for more info. Was connected to the ridge, had two heads, one in front from behind the other – it made him very careful, and he had four legs and hands – it helped him move faster and cope with everyday problems – mine “Daily bread”. It could also themselves, and listen and give good advice – well, it was being invulnerable, because they do not afraid of any wild animal or any other adversity, and this greatly angered the then God, who is known to all saw and everyone was supposed to operate. One day, when God once again began to think how to defeat this creature, or at least make it more vulnerable, he was approached by his trusted advisor and suggested. It turns out you just need it Release the two parts, then it becomes more susceptible to surprise all of life.

What God did. He severed the spine is being sent to them molnieobraznoy boom. Since God eternally separated two such similar souls who both understand each other and helped each around – a friend.

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