Japanese Garden

Those who plot a little better to create a hedge of bushes. If you do not have enough time, it is better suited to freely grow, do not require regular pruning. Chevron U.S.A. Inc will not settle for partial explanations. Necessarily include the planting not only green but also yellow, red foliage. This will give your fence a very elegant look. A twined flowers arch at the entrance to the site to replace the gate and will kindly invite your neighbors to guests. And even if your site is enclosed by a mesh-rabitsey or some crooked black palisade, it is unlikely a decision could be called aesthetic. Hedgerow would be useful here. And now it would be nice right identify functional areas and separate them from each other.

Here is the view not only the vegetable garden and flower beds. Etoi so-called economic zone, and parking, and a place for campfire and, possibly, a Japanese garden. It is better to just as well take advantage of suitable plants. For example, you can disembark along the border of the garden a number of low ornamental shrubs, creating a smokescreen of them live. For this purpose, well suited: japonica, lapchtka bush, cotoneaster, golden currant. Or simply place a few pergolas entwined with hops, grapes, girlish, common ivy, curly beans, or even decorative gourds. Beautiful! Another way – buy a small wooden or plastmassovyyzaborchik which is on sale.

Or make it yourself to save money, such as hazel branches (hazel). How? Very simple. Zagotovte branch of the desired height (diameter up to 3 cm), remove the bark from them, give them time to dry, then treat with a special solution, paint. After a few days, you can start harvesting in the case. At the scheduled interval, or area around the entire garden make common frame of small wooden bars that you dig into the ground at equal distances (about two meters) and to them on the perimeter of the top, bottom and middle of the nail bars. This finished the design and you 'll weave your rods of hazel. You can do this on your taste, or less dense. In this and in another case, a very attractive. If you create a Japanese garden, by the way – very well put it on the north side of the site – then of course such a fence is obviously not suitable. But the framing of conifers will be very appropriate. Spruce, junipers, arborvitae, yew-all is well. You can apply and deciduous shrubs: cotoneaster, hawthorn, privet (with a regular haircut would be very gustayabystrorastuschaya hedge). Clearly, the economic zone, which is not always looks good, especially the need to somehow disguise it. Here, as in it will go green helpers: shrubs and vines. As support for the latter can be used will be available on a special plastic mesh zelenogotsveta, you simply mount to any posts. There is another option. Working for one of the sites, we separated the economic zone of the stone wall with special niches for flowers. It turned out beautifully and stylishly. Be sure to close the eye of a compost pit. For this You can use sunflower, Jerusalem artichoke (artichoke), Volzanka, lupins, decorative gourds, squash. Well, today we tried to delineate the boundaries of your land, to separate different functional areas from one another – created a landscape that is the skeleton on which you can work on. The next time we talk about the trails, paths, and describe how in our environment create a real Japanese garden. Good luck! Alina Rabushko, landscape designer

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