Kimberley Process

From 21 to 23 June in Tel Aviv, there are representatives of 70 countries, the Kimberley Process. This meeting – a dress rehearsal of the November plenary session in Jerusalem. At the June meeting, Israel attend as chairman of the Kimberley Process – diamond certification system designed to block the trade so-called "blood" diamonds, the proceeds from the sale of which may go on financing of armed conflicts. Among other issues – statement by Syria regarding its desire to join the Kimberley Process, as well as theme empowerment process. "The first question on the agenda – and Zimbabwe how to solve the crisis ", – said the Managing Director of IDI, Eli Avidar in interview to agency" Reuters ".

"There are two" schools of thought ": the social organization in favor of drastic measures, another group advocates to work with Zimbabwe in the belief that a boycott would not help. " Avidar said that the Kimberley process, may decide to appoint an official representative who will always be in Zimbabwe and ensure compliance with government requirements process. Under existing rules a change of the Presidency of the Kimberley Process, happens every year, but several participants proposes establish a permanent secretariat. "The only country whose government does not want to join the Kimberley Process – a Venezuela – says Eli Avidar. – Legally sell Venezuelan diamonds is impossible. " Apart from Israel, Belgium and India – one of the three main centers of production of polished diamonds. In the first quarter of 2010, net exports of polished diamonds from Israel in comparison with last year's first quarter added 55% to $ 1.45 billion Although the main market for Israeli diamonds are the United States (50%) is also increasing Asian focus: today the share of Hong Kong accounted for 28% of diamond exports from Israel. Removed / / removed

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