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” For its part, Article 33 of the Business Corporations Act says, “those are considered controlled companies in which another company, either directly or through another company intermendio turn controlled: Possess participation, for any reason, to give the votes needed to form the social will in the ordinary social gatherings or meetings (…). ” It should be noted that the legislation refers to “providers”, being able to make the case that the controlling whether or not it is if done by the indirect control because the links can be wireless or not and the head of indirect control is not a user of such an action .- This subject is essential in my opinion .- On the issue of control is of great interest in the topic of “accumulation of radio spectrum” , which is a source of artificial nature, because it is generated from a reorganization of the electrical energy so that the result is a signal support .- The absence of control skills commensurate with the nature of the global financial legal traffic can uncover the essence of the control itself, ie to show what that is mediated, because I think there may be no monopoly on the concept of Competition, but might have regarding the use or “reserve” the resource, it is more difficult to determine .- Only the activity of strategic intelligence in terms of availability and use in establishing the new boundaries that are colonized in power radio can see how really happens to the vital resource in the world, to where leading the technology trend that will print, mainly early and taking into account that the regulations refers to an amount of spectrum allocated to “strategic reserve” as a result corresponding to ask these questions – which today does not really know how to answer – 1. How much is the reservation and that frequency bands?, 2 As up to this “quantum” of action and what would be the actions or policies that make the change in this measure of the resource retained?, 3 which means the case, the concept of “strategic”?; 4 that hypothesis would come to the use of the reserve? 5 .- As in other countries dealt with this issue? Dr Juan de Dios Romero Buenos Aires’.

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