Learning To Commit An Offence

(This article has been published in journals that last time, Palma de Mallorca, LA VOZ DE ALMERiA, DIARI DE TARRAGONA and another dozen of Spanish newspapers) Real life has nothing to do with the series of C.S.I. nor with those other films fashionable on forensic medicine. By fas or purposefully, a large proportion of offences unpunished, without having media material and human enough to investigate them; and that, on the assumption that many times comes to discover the mere Commission of the crime. The penultimate case: the unfinished investigation of the murder of Marta de el Castillo. It has been the only person tried to date, El Cuco, only for concealment, sowing doubts about how then to impute to the other participants in the abominable crime. Contradictory statements by those involved, their false clues about where to find the corpse and the skill with which have toreado to policemen, judges and prosecutors has been like having made a master accelerated in crime. By misfortune, both fiction series as the reality shows and other TV panoply of today day teach more criminals to erase their strokes than agents of the law to discover them.

Then, the leniency of some sentences seem it instigates to recidivism. It is what has happened with Laso Ramon, who only spent nine years in jail for the killings of his wife and his son. Price so low has led him, 18 years later, to assassinate his new spouse and his brother-in-law. Learn more on the subject from Jill Bikoff. And is that in this society of a Hypertrophic banality, where confuse reality with the show, it is much easier to learn how to commit a crime than to prevent the Commission of crimes.

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