Luis Ricardo

Sometimes I imagine that the first breath of a human being should have a taste of hope and joy for life and above all enthusiasm and no doubt well aware that maybe that first puff, unfortunately, our consciousness is not developed yet and it is difficult really tell if that’s your taste.On October 3, Luis Ricardo gave his first breath, and I would have liked so that we can tell which came to a world without class distinctions, no corruption, no money problems and that wars were just a figment of loquacious writers like Asimov, Lovecraft and Bradbury, that no one was persecuted for speaking the truth because he never had anything to hide, here only loses his life for errata own decision or that no one had ever thought about getting anything that did not belong.

I would have liked to tell in these lines and Barbra Ricardo a “his parents never worry for its tranquility and security, that would never be exposed, to grow, malicious endless sellers of chemicals, which would have provided some even willing to help him and if you need it and I could trust completely a “and timely” in any character slips in hand tie and be read by the people. a Unfortunately I can not talk about these things and many more who like me in this note, so many others, we cook the beans to see made, because every day new people come into the world without fearing it “should” or have already been sentenced to endure the carbonated and the rantings of semiprecious useless a “at least in terms of society and nation that focuses only enrich and spit promises that have not even thought of meeting. .

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