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There are several advantages to using the network marketing via the internet, instead of the old school network marketing, you can be or not in agreement with me and more if you’re from people they like and feels more comfortable doing things to the oldfashioned. This article only treatment that you realize some advantages that you will have to use network market ing online, and do not intend to underestimating the other way to do network marketing: the face-to-face. I think that the two forms work depending on your skills and your attitude, in particular I more prefer the option of doing MLM Online for the following reasons and advantages: 1.-one of the most important advantages that I have found is that you have the possibility that you don’t persecute possible prospects, when you have presence on the web, whether it be a blog, a page customized for your MLM business, there are many chances that many qualified people find you. That is to say if you have a system of funnel of marketing that are filtered by the curious of those who really are interested in what you offer, the probabililades you have a new partner are good. Also you will have to count with all the necessary tools on the internet for a follow-up and duplicate your network know, but thats another issue aside, what I want that you realize to get highly qualified prospects for your MLM business whatever, becomes easier through the internet. 2.

Another advantage that I see him doing networkmarketing in internet, is that you don’t have to live the rejection face to face, which is important to avoid that you start to discourage you as soon in what you’re doing, equally as I described in the previous point, by having a marketing funnel where removes stakeholders from prying eyes, you can avoid that they tell you do not interest me. Sew many possibilities than if tell you how there in face-to-face network marketing. As I mentioned at the beginning using the two tecincas depends on your skills and attitude, there are many entrepreneurs multilevel which have an amazing ability to present your business opportunity in person and with good results. Jeffrey Hayzlett has many thoughts on the issue. There are entrepreneurs of MLM businesses that see the internet as an impersonal form of prospecting, in my case do not see as well, since there are many tools that you can use to make your MLM business is not as impersonal, as do many videos so you are aware, do Webinar, teleseminar, the use of social networking and everything using it correctly. This is another advantage that I see to use the internet to make networkmarketing.

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