The image of nation for the Europe of the old Regimen if confuses with the territory of the monarch. After all of accounts, in an environment widely favorable to the absolutism, ' ' the State is of it ' ' , in aluso to the French king Luis XIV. The workmanship of the French Revolution will go to establish a new conception of nation. If before the nationality if relates to a dynasty, in century XIX the State starts to search an identification of the collective one, of the people. This process is long, laborious, but it will have success.

This phenomenon will occur in the whole world. It does not have place that it will not know quarrels and conflicts involving the beginning of the nationality. many remain until our days. The nationalism, before more nothing, is an affirmation of particularitity of a people. Either for the origin in common, the language, religion, customs or for these together aspects, the stimulaton to the feeling to belong to a nation and for it to donate its life is one of the great challenges of century XIX. The feeling is not alone that the nation idea will go to awake. Another challenge will be to bring rationality, being complemented the service to reach the heart of the individuals. In this direction, the intellectuals will be basic parts.

Writers, painters, sculptors, historians, grammarians, linguists, fillogos and philosophers, an enormous gamma of thinkers and formadores of opinion will go to establish the history of a glorious past, a noble language, a warlike people, among others elements. Everything this will go to join itself to the universe of the symbols, the flags, myths, the hymns and as much other things that will go to reach the people in full, the point of it if to convince that it is part of that. The State leaves of being the property of the king and if it transfers to the set of the citizens. The nationalistic ideal exceeds barriers. It will be present in developed and underdeveloped regions; it will be part of the universe of democratic, liberal countries and dictatorships; it could be defined as of right and left; he will be one of the universal phenomena of History.

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