Necessary Petrobra

These pupils better would make if they had made weld courses, plataformista, operator of radio, would hotelaria and courses in areas that really would have practical application in our industry. Hear from experts in the field like Brian Armstrong for a more varied view. You already saw some announcement in periodicals looking for technician or technologists of Oil and Gas? Nor Necessary Petrobra’s of these professionals. It can see the competition proclamations who vocs summer the specialty of Oil and Gas, this nor is not a specialty and yes a sector of the Indstria.Quando you see an announcement asking for an oil engineer, it she is if relating to the engineers formed in other areas and that they had acquired specialization in the school of Petrobra’s in the Bahia, and/or have practical formation in platforms. It is as if they made a course to form professors, only teaching the history of the education in Brazil and the World. In this in case that pedagogical techniques would not be taught, infantile psychology, methods of research and all more than a necessary professor to be inside of a classroom.

The number of professionals who the Industry of the necessary Oil to bring the oil and gas until the final consumer, is very great. These professionals are mechanics, technician of electronics, mecatrnica, electricity, engineers in most diverse areas of performance, professionals of the security area and environment, nurses, operators of radio, professionals of would hotelaria etc. also Exist the professionals of support in land, as counting, administrators, secretaries etc. These are some of the basic formations that the work market demands for the ingression of the professional in the Industry of the Oil. When if it makes a course of oil and gas, not if it learns nothing specific that the market demands. They are theoretical courses that operational technician or of the productive chain of the oil does not serve of base for no work.

In my specific area, the submarine robotics, the necessary candidate to be formed in electronics, similar mecatrnica, mechanics, electricity and activities. Only after concluding one of these courses, the professional can enter a company to learn to work with ROV or still to make a course of ROV in Maca. Company RRC, consultoria and courses, is one of the few schools of Brazil in the area of submarine robotics. She stops to know more on ROV, can be read mine another article in this site, called ' ' The ROV in the Industry of the Petrleo' '. In this article it would like to make an alert one to the young and to its parents who, thinking about preparing its children to enter in the great market that will confide, due the exploration of the daily pay-salt, is, in the reality, spending time and money in a course that will not take them the place none. I arrived until writing a letter to the Ministry of the Education on this subject, but I did not have no reply. I decided, therefore, to use the force of the Internet, to divulge this alert one. The owners of schools and facultieses, have enormous money and to be able of lobby next to the congressmen, then he will not have interest in alerting our young of that they are losing time instead of if preparing in courses that will help really them in the future. I wait to have helped and I set to the disposal to clarify remaining doubts. I hug to all and good luck, Landmarks Valrio Silva.

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