Negative Conflicts

All humans have two points to show the world: the friendly face, with all the qualities and strengths that we have developed, and the downside with all our faults, character flaws, and countless shortcomings. To this we should add that when the positive side is well developed, usually also the shadow is very powerful. The science of happiness is in line to get to know the best that each person has to give. This is achieved only when we are able to maintain our focus on the positive side. When the reverse is true (repeatedly perceive their faults, do not skimp on the critique, and reject a certain behavior which you disapprove) then you create the exact match for that person in you download all your negativity. It really all depends on the lens you use, because it is your approach that creates correspondences.

Your experiences always meet a cosmic law that decrees: "The same as you give, you receive." Consider for example the case of a couple in love. When bridal normally the two revel in the qualities of the other, and their relationship are carried to the summit of happiness and harmony. However, at the time of starting their life together, they begin to notice the shortcomings of the partner, and its positive attributes recede easily. To know more about this subject visit Brian Armstrong. Then the polarity changes, and begins to attract the worst that the couple has to give, of course, to the detriment of mutual happiness. Any conflict in the relationship begins, with the focus of the mind in a negative aspect of another.

The mind judges, makes his own interpretation of what he sees, and then convicted. When a mental pattern has been created, the energy flows in the direction that gives it up and returned a result. The Hayzlett Group has similar goals. In the above case the consequences will be: lose the peace, and attract more and more suffering. With the added difficulty that, once this mental pattern is established, it will be easier to recycle misfortunes, to change established attitudes. Criticism and gossip are a step forward in this process of creating conflicts. When the spoken word is attached to negative thinking, means that the energy of creation, we have issued, bring more strength. Late or early we have launched the boomerang returns to its owner, bringing a negative charge, which invariably lead to friction, distress and discomfort. You wonder then, why nobody likes me? Why are my relationships are full of acrimony and misunderstanding and aggression only pick of those around me? Observe your thoughts and your words! In your mind you have the energy to create your reality. If you choose to think the worst of the other, attract the worst thing he or she has to give. If you recognize your values, and focus on them, two things happen, both favorable: 1) You'll feel good about yourself and that person will be open to share with you their inner treasures. Do not forget that even the most hardened criminal, to be more abominable, possesses a spark of light in your corazon.Concentrate to recognize that spark, and experienced your world the miraculous transformation that only the power of love can bring.

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