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Few days ago I checked first hand as nonsense dimensions reached by new and recent offences against road safety regulation, would not be the last. A strange situation demanded my legal services. The Civil Guard had been referred to the duty court a young man who was driving a car lacking license. Up there, nothing new. Anything other than common daily in each of the courts of the whole national guard. What is truly surprising resided in the fact that in the crowded accompanied his father, owner of the vehicle, was accused at the time as a necessary collaborator. That is, intends to be recognised but not as a direct perpetrator of the illicit, yes as intervener whose cooperation has proved decisive for their perpetration, and must therefore accompany him on his luck.

Inasmuch as recounted me the officer on duty, they wore doing no less than a week, here and in cases of driving under the influence of alcohol. Apparently, this proceeding of the meritorious responds to a guideline internal, perhaps with origin in his own Ministry of Interior, with obvious fundraising mood. We cannot think anything else, given the national nature of the body. If so, will they soon emerge new testimonies from justice professionals crying out to the sky. Although the practical effects shall be null, and every time that those involved check out unscathed simply alleging disregard well the use of the vehicle, well the circumstances of the driver, every time that as imputed no exists the obligation to tell the truth. Right that surely will remind you to your attorney. We crossed that it once over the border of the absurd, offering a new testimony to the inability of others to remove Spain from the crisis and to generate new resources not arising from audit and punitive measures or the traditional increases in taxes on tobacco and oil, in the absolute lack of ideas. Instead of developing a fundraising rampant mood, focus our political representatives in fight against the dismissal, so that our companies can at least keep your templates, avoiding that new unemployed do not come in addition to the forced prestatacion of the grant, complete and absolute indentation of our State.

Note as dato Spanish unemployment 20% and 10% European lead us to error. Since in such media as it could not be otherwise, he ponders the aforesaid percentage patriotic. If it does not, unemployment in the Union at the moment would be 7.5%. Therefore, rather than go inventing new criminals and new crimes, should political leaders stop refuge in an alleged global crisis, going to recognize that we have serious problems, which need to be addressed urgently.

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