October Bio Offensive

News from the Ulrich Walter GmbH from October 5 to 17 moves bio in the center of Berlin life. More than 130 shops show why Berlin is the bio – capital of Germany. This information and tasting actions take place throughout the city. Germany’s organic story began in 1971 with a small health food store in Berlin. Today, the city has the largest concentration of shops in whole Germany.

Organic and natural cosmetics are booming organic arrived in the midst of society. Eight top organic brands use this as an opportunity to choose Berlin bio – capital of. Together with all 130 Berlin natural food specialty shop run the Berlin campaign goes organic therefore in October”. A health food store can choose from now take on any medium-sized supermarket. The range is just as varied. From Apple to toothpaste, all in large selection is to get. The Special added value: Only from the health food shop exclusively organic products are sold.

There is also here the best advice and responsive service. These competencies are the initiators of Berlin say we the Berlin consumers make still more aware of”,” goes organic. “The total package bio from the health food store” is even more: all manufacturers emphasize not only 100% organic raw materials and a gentle processing they produce usually climate-friendly and intensively involved in the society. Even more intensively than otherwise to topics related to organic inform customers can feel in the context of Berlin goes organic”from October 5 to 17. At the same time will be new products and bestselling tasted on a large scale. Anyone interested may differ from the excellent taste of premium teas and juices, fine small organic food, milk products, bread spreads or honeys convince and evaluate high-quality natural cosmetics. In this way, especially newcomers can enjoy the comprehensive quality of organic products. “Berlin goes bio” from eight large organic and natural cosmetics brands is supported. This Davert, tree of life, Logona are neobio Sobbeke, Tartex, and Voelkel allos,. You want to the action promote Berlin bio culture. New and regular customers can discover new so their health food store around the corner. Witty and attention-grabbing large posters, advertising in the S-Bahns, radio spots and ads will inform on the two-week action. On the Internet page, interested find a directory of Berlin shops, lots of information around on the bio and the manufacturers that carry the action. “” “Contact for questions regarding this press release: campaign Berlin goes organic” contact: Alexandra Buley Kandzi Ulrich Walter GmbH Dr.-Jurgen-Ulderup-Strasse 12 D-49356 Diepholz phone: + 49 (0) 5441 98 56-180 fax: + 49 (0) 5441 98 56-101 E-Mail: Internet: about the Berlin campaign goes organic “Berlin goes organic” is an action Alliance of 130 Berlin bio and health food stores, which want to move bio – life feeling even more in the focus of the general public and thereby promote the Berlin bio-culture with joint actions. The Alliance is supported by eight large organic and natural cosmetics brands.

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