Organic Positioning

It is the first step, though not the only, to sell over the Internet. See the tab position and sell is not the same. The search engine optimization (or SEO) is to apply various techniques to achieve the Internet (particularly Google and Yahoo) search engines put the website in question in the first places of the results of a search (usually between the first 20 positions). We carry out what is called a natural web positioning. That is to create the necessary technical conditions on a web that philosophy and how to act in own search engines go mind-bogglingly towards the first positions in a natural way helped by the subsequent improvements requiring its management. Acting so positioning is not instantaneous (although sometimes get really spectacular results) but is the method with which the web takes longer to lose its privileged situation. Fix.

Everyone was there but the more forward more visible. And the more visible more opportunities. A search routine when you perform a search on the Internet, usually only the first results are observed (in general the 20 first) and have not already still looking, if found what was sought both if not. What is usually done then if not found what is being sought is enter a new phrase in the box, start a new scan and follow the same method. And so on. This is revealing that if a website is not located between the 20 first results is it not through the generalized system of search. What for a website well positioned of the last paragraph is deduced that if a company’s web has as sole purpose that only see it clients who already have not takes full advantage of that could be. A website should serve to make possible new and unknown clients who want to buy products or services such as those offered by that company may contact her through search engines. Therefore if it is not well-placed sales opportunities, or what is the same thing, are lost it becomes an invisible showcase that does not generate resources.

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