Organic Speech

Recommendations for adults in this case are simple – be yourself changed so that the child was not only safe but also useful to be like you. Motivation or prospective benefits often our unconscious uses illness to meet some my need. "What benefits can be obtained from the disease?" – You ask. Imagine that a child suffers from lack of attention always busy parents. He wants to spend more time with their loved ones, get them more care and heat, but the parents do not notice it. The sudden illness of a child causes parents to forget about their record and draw all the attention on the child. The purpose of somehow achieved. The next time, to achieve the same effect unconscious child will seek to provoke the disease.

In this case, there is a risk of development of psychosomatic diseases. Psychologists call this the action of the secondary benefits of a symptom. "Elements Organic Speech "- a standard phrase and" stamps "that we use in everyday life, when complaining to each other on any problems and troubles. Here are some examples of such phrases: "I already have it in the liver sits , "I wish I'd have not seen you," "dizzy," "I did not stand," and why do you this headache, "" yoke on the neck, "it's annoying me greatly and many others. These phrases are very metaphorical, but our subconscious can directly understand the ideas contained in them and put them in the form of physiological disorders. Is it any wonder then frequent headaches, nausea, a sharp decrease in vision.

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