How to clean the oven When choosing a microwave oven must pay attention to its cover, because of it will depend largely on how well the stove to clean. For example, microwave oven with smooth walls of heat-resistant enamel easy to clean. However, it can occur in small cracks and scratches, which can accumulate fat. Ceramic coating is more resistant to damage than that do not stick to him leftover food. Stainless steel can withstand high temperatures and very easy to clean (even abrasive powders). Antibacterial coating prevents bacterial growth, and Teflon does not allows food burnt.

Its easy to clean, but it should not use a stiff brush. It is easy to clean, but is afraid of hard pads and damage. Microwave oven is recommended to clean each time after cooking food. Even if the food was covered with a lid, the inner surface must be cleaned with a damp cloth. Glass turntable or wash hands in warm soapy water or a dishwasher with Special cleaning microwave ovens. Cleaned up a table dry it thoroughly and then put into place. When cleaning any surfaces not use abrasives, and detergents containing poisonous substances.

Remove dirt from outside the furnace can be wet, soapy sponge, then wipe the surface with a damp cloth. To clean the door and the touch panel using a damp cloth or napkin. Do not allow the accumulation of crumbs, food scraps and grease on the strip between the door and the frame (door insulation), as this can lead to loss of integrity. To remove dried food debris and grease, which are difficult washed away, it is necessary to put in the oven with a glass of water and boil it for five minutes. The resulting steam will help you easily clean the camera. When cleaning, try not to touch the vents, as well as cardboard, which closed magnetron. To get rid of unpleasant smells in the oven, you need to boil it in a glass of water with a slice of lemon. Useful tips and precautions are not recommended to empty the oven, because it may fail. For the same reason should not be put into the furnace product weighing less than 200g. If you need to heat up a sandwich or a small portion of food along with it in the oven should put a glass of water. If the volume of your furnace is less than 24 liters, then it is not recommended to put products weighing more than 4 kg. The door of the microwave oven should be kept constantly closed: airing it is not required. Make sure that the door tightly to the Corps. Do not let the depressurization. Should not prepare food for longer than required by the instruction. At worst, it may cause fire. You can not use the stove to sterilize empty jars, and drying dishes, cooking eggs in the shell and the heating of food in tightly closed containers. Before preparing to pierce the shell of sausages, pierce the skin of potatoes, apples, and pierce the yolks of eggs. Otherwise, they simply "explode", then your oven will look pretty bad. Microwave is not suitable for making soups. First, it takes no less time than using the stove. Secondly, large amount of fluid in the chamber creates extra moisture, which adversely affects the future work of the furnace. Following the rules listed, you can extend the life of your microwave. Performing simple rules will not take long. In return you will get many years of excellent job.

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