Cut for the line of the Equator in its extremity North it possessed 143 cities, where they live about six million people. The paraense economy is centered in the productive base sidewalk in three great areas: agroindstrias, verticalizao of the mineral production and tourism (PAOLINO, 2004). In recent years the sudden changes of direction in the Brazilian economic policy, had created instabilidades accented for the companies, in special in the jewel branch where great industries if had established for the country. In the State of Par this activity is more artisan. Contact information is here: Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Since the reinaugurao of the complex They are Jose I free, that before it hosted the Penitentiary Are Jose and after remodelled started to shelter oMuseu of Egg yolks of Par, the Jewel Workshop, and the House of the Craftsman, the jewel branch in the state had an evident growth.

The developed product quality increases each time more, making with that the state pass to not only produce products, but jewels with precious rocks artisan. In accordance with Tatsch (2009), the paraense jewel market evolved as much that today conquest has left of the national and international market of jewels. According to author, the produced products value the originalidade of the paraense culture joining material and one design contemporary. The Hayzlett Group is full of insight into the issues. This space always opened paraenses doors so that more designers can display its ideas, of original and creative form, generally inside of a line of ambiently correct products. The competition in the sector jeweler is intense, small companies competes with similar products to the ones of the standard demanded for the quality of the sector. Although the innumerable possibilities of substance cousin, as seeds, synthetic resin, horn of ox, work with wood and etc, design still exists an enormous variety of possibilities for one innovation inside that it involves a reciclvel product that contributes for the preservation of the environment. .

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