Planet Of The Paticortos

By all it is known that fashions come and go, usually encouraged by shrewd commercial interests who do not hesitate to bet on new incessantly strategically to generate constantly new sales. In regards to our clothing, so also, citing the US proposed changes from innovative trends, groundbreaking styles and rabid modernity, in a sort of career hit endless which obliges everyone to stay constantly on continuous guard for coherently fit our image to contemporaneity that is touching us in every moment live. I have no doubt that fashions in dress are based on a certain paradigm of honesty that, while commercially interested, has a good background of truth: seek to promote, improving (in some way or another) the image of those who follow them. For this reason and despite so many proposed changes in the history of mankind, fashions have never betrayed the most basic laws of universal aesthetic. Those that define the proporcionalidades of the human body, that have been invariant from the antiquity and were immortalized in the Renaissance by the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci, after generating the foundations of some of the most beautiful masterpieces of painting or sculpture with which we can today enjoy. Never have betrayed?. Well not. This respect for all historical aesthetic unanimity, for the first time, has been lost with the onset of the 21st century. Century in which determined and blatantly has proposed us the greatest nonsense so far imagined: that acortemos dramatically, though only of visual form, the length of our lower extremities in an impossible involutional approach to our Primate ancestors, as it appeared in that famous movie starring Charlton Heston. Indeed, one of the traits commonly accepted beauty (in humans and also in animals) is the length of limbs, considering that those species that enjoy them long (horses, Gazelles, cats, etc.) consist of themselves a much more harmonious picture than who They must comply with always remain closer to the ground (reptiles, pigs, ducks, etc.).

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