The governor was elect and the people commented: Still well that I did not lose my vote. With two years of government, Everything went to a thousand wonders, Its family was happy, (of it) Laughing even for the ears. But the people was sad. It are ludibriado and humiliated, Divides the state with bankers and with contractors and the corruption started, AS IT BECOMES IN BRASILIA. The president was elect: The people vibrated immediately afterwards happy But, Started to sew the supports Being alleged that, it country To have governabilidade. He sewed with the opposition, He sewed with the bankers, He sewed with the contractors and finally, with the Americans, AS ONE BECOMES IN BRASILIA Bought members of the house of representatives and senators Alleging that, it country To have governabilidade. AS ONE BECOMES IN BRASILIA. A delegated member of the house of representatives/was imprisoned Because it arrested a thief. It was annulled and it lost the job, it was espezinhado and defamed. AS ONE BECOMES IN BRASILIA.

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