The key: be safe product they’re offering information via the Internet, is everywhere and within reach of all is why we in the marketing plan which you carry out with your project’s clothing store you must take into account people are well informed and want the truth the Marketing and public relations are designed to attract audience and niche takes advantage of all the new tools available due to communications creates a web site using it as being a virtual store distribution channel and in where you can publish latest collections becoming uses a Blog as your blog’s content where you can include all your clothing store project information tips or guides sales for your clients, send them mail regularly so that can keep track of all your events. Uses like twitter and Facebook social media, there are many companies that have grown through this medium when you have a new collection get you a few models and performs a parade and publish it on YOUTOBE records Postscats with interesting topics about the type of product you are selling as for example if you have a plus size store records different tips on how to dress or different themes that people in large sizes them could be called attention this time is very helpful for advertising without major complications in the simplest manner without using large budgets in advertising really as your project’s clothing store steadily grows if you know do things well much good luck with the your Marketing plan for your clothing store..

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