Application condenser ignition systems, in addition, provides additional benefits: higher steepness of high-voltage pulse makes the system insensitive to contamination of candles that will reduce the complexity of care, life Candles increases; unloaded ignition coil (the average current through its primary winding is reduced almost 10 times); condenser ignition systems are more economical than the transistor and classic. The main characteristics of electronic ignition systems are the minimum operating voltage, the voltage applied to the primary winding of the ignition coil (only for condenser systems), energy and duration of the spark discharge. Minimum operating voltage – the minimum voltage, which the system is the Sri yet operational. Than it is lower, the better, since Ms. when starting a cold engine during winter stress battery may be reduced during the starter to 7 – 7.6 V.

The voltage supplied to the primary winding of the ignition coils, sparking tension determines the manner in which it is connected through a transformation ratio coil. For a reliable spark necessary that the voltage applied to the primary winding of a standard ignition coil, when all conditions were no less than zoo B. However, it should not be greater than 400 V, as might otherwise occur insulation breakdown elements of the system – ignition coil, cap dispenser-Chairman, etc. The duration of the spark discharge, which characterizes all other things being equal, his energy, significantly affects the processes of ignition and combustion of the fuel mixture during operation and start-up both cold and hot engine, and consequently on its performance. Valid values must be assume 0.2 – 0.6 ms. For smaller values of deteriorating conditions for starting the engine, and for large increases spark erosion electrodes and decreases their lifetime. The most desirable is the establishment of various duration of the spark at start and after it. Important characteristics of the ignition system are also the characteristics of its reliability: reliability, maintainability and robustness.

It should be noted that the classical system has got more reliability and maintainability especially than electronic systems. Indeed, in the classical system only a few elements that are easy to check, even without special instrumentation. The replacement of these items does not meet the difficulty. For example, the state of the breaker contacts can be checked simply by inspection. Replacement of contacts in a way accessible to any driver. For repair the same, or verification of the electronic unit requires special equipment and qualified. Improve the reliability of electronic ignition systems can be achieved through redundancy, or providing them with a device fast switching to the electronic system on the classic. The easiest way to do it in the condenser systems, since they use a standard ignition coil. In addition, electronic components ignition systems must have a means of protection against impulse noise reaching the on-board vehicle power amplitude of more than 100 V. In taking these measures to improve the reliability of the advantages of electronic ignition systems become certain that confirmed long-standing practice. We should expect that in the near future electronic ignition systems will be installed on the vast majority of cars as standard equipment.

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