Project Conciliation

Project conciliation. Beto rami. Peter was a full boy of ideas and passed all free time reading philosophy books. To the times he stopped in the way of the reading and was imagining. As it would be the world if all lived in peace and harmony.

If it did not have more wars, nor fights for the power. Then it had an idea. If it obtained to make dog and cat that are enemy natural if to give well and the same to live in harmony dividing the same milk. It swims in the world would be impossible. Already with all plain traced and codinome of projeto conciliation. put the workmanship by hand.

Peter with all its calm started the training. Much time and much patience later obtained the conciliation. from now on if had become a non-separable pair and divided in equal parts its life. Seeing the project concluded and victorious it did not fit in itself. The euphoria was great and the satisfaction that already obtained ties if to see as of the prize Nobel winner. when it went to make a speech was called in return to the reality for miados and bark that came Of the kitchen. Peter without knowing what it happened ran pra there. saw the dog and the cat enclosing a rat I sing in it of the wall. While the dog closed one of the sides and distracts the rat, the cat came for the other side and zs Abocanhava the rat. Seeing that scene Peter it concluded. _ _ Bendito is D US with all its wisdom and that today it taught to me. To the times necessary that two fight so that one third survives.

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