Real Estate Agencies

Large agency or a small company: so who is reliable? There are three error criterion for choosing the most reliable of working in the field of real estate agencies. The first criterion – the experience of the firm. Many believe that the longer a company operates in the market, so it is safer. Reliable in the sense of what? If you mean the probability of bankruptcy, then this event does not directly depend on its age. If you mean that there are not deceived by the client, so in fact cheating, and some venerable companies and not averse hidden from the customer's commission. If it is assumed that the old firm is completely immune from mistakes, and it is not.

Punctures do happen, and there are examples of this. The second criterion – advertising. Many people mistakenly believe that the quality of service can be judged in terms of advertising, ie, 'Advertising is good, so reliable and the company. " What can I say about this? If we assume that this statement is true, it turns out that 'mmm' was a good company, and services to the population it had quality. Third, as many believe, not least the criterion – that membership in social organizations. In Russia – a Russian Guild of Realtors, in Sochi – Sochi is Association of Realtors.

What we know about these organizations? 'Strong professional communities that live in its more restrictive than current legislation, laws. And in that and other association operates a code of ethics. And any dissatisfied customer may apply to these organizations. " What can you say about Sochi Association? Obtain any information about it, learn about the objectives of its establishment, the member associations of professional principles and more about many other things, what might you want to learn real estate market, nowhere.

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