Refrigeration Equipment Repair

Faucet in the bathroom was broken after all, has evolved, leaking and broken at all, that is broken away. Considered carefully, and then half the parts from the usual aluminum, well, maybe, duralumin, a little harder. Well this is what savings, right? Aluminium is now much cheaper brass and copper, an integral part of a member of the brass alloy. Great idea to do everything from cheap aluminum and topped with chrome and brass to give a product Let's have all the details of plastic faucet water do still be cheaper, like you say! Serve one year old and ! Crossroads professor Rashid twice, and automatic, shift lights, is the same as earlier, no adjustment is changed, oh well done! For ten seconds no one has time to cross the road, but the Warsaw highway wide. Run all, young and old, who did not, that was late! Cars honking, like come on the road, pedestrians screaming that they brake, pedestrians foul on drivers and those who set up a traffic light, fun wonderful.

And often Giddeschnik stands at the crossroads and also yelling at pedestrians, as if he does not see that this travesty, well, not time to ten seconds preyti ten bands leaf and all. I bought a Samsung laser printer Samsung ML-1641 and enjoyed a couple of months, because of all that three thousand ruble issued in mono, that is black and white laser printer! When over the powder in the cartridge, I pulled it and how smart went on radio market in the Tsarina, I think, right now, tucking his rubles for six hundred, and will continue to print. Yeah, took a run now, tucked, like fun, Vanya! Complete with printer test cartridge filled with twenty-five per cent, and it is impossible to fill all refueling cartridges unanimously refused to perform such an operation. I had to buy a new cartridge, for two thousand four hundred rubles promised that this exactly fill the cheap, when will it powder-toner. Total cost of this printer five thousand four hundred ruble. Savings, however, there are, the type of loan, you pay less, but twice. Bought new refrigerator, Refrigerator Siemens KG49 NA73 Made in Greece for fifty thousand rubles of cash, three-year stint, the warranty was over, and covered himself with a compressor infection. Found on the web site called, arrived quickly master repaired the refrigerator, such as inexpensive relative to the price of a new refrigerator I ask: Do you only repair of refrigerators are doing? He says: "No, you, we still sell various household and industrial refrigeration equipment, and produce any repairs to any household and industrial freezers and refrigerators! I say: Wow this is a fact! Call when you need to buy more things.

I planned to buy a car, and let the banks try to loan to buy it get it. Ndaaa, figs you, and not a loan! Ok, probably going to buy an old seven wha, and this will ride on Moscow, not far from it. No bar, tea, do not tear veins in order to deny myself everything, save million for a new car, and the new wha did not see any reason to take it. Well, not fatally, if something go wrong, all parts easy to find and fix there is always someone, a lot of smart around. The cottage in the summer driving thing is, three hundred and fifty kilometers from Moscow, by bus, I fig you go there anymore, once was enough for her eyes to his neck in mud.

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