Renewable Energy

Conference ‘Rotor blades of wind turbines’ in the Haus der Technik rotor blades are the heart of a wind turbine. In the fast-growing market that increasingly shallow and deep coastal waters (onshore and offshore facilities) conquered, are getting bigger and more powerful the system. At the same time grow the internal and external stresses and also the durability and fatigue safety requirements over a period of 20 years or more. However, experience has shown that relatively many existing blades can damage. The already known problems is partly still in its infancy. But new developments are emerging there. Is intensively working on the solutions. Last but not least, the transport of the large rotors provides the logistics specialists of the companies in the wind power industry major problems.

So that not even the engineers and planners of wind turbines into the rotation, the rotor blades of wind turbines meeting offers”in the Essen Haus der Technik comprehensive overview of topic for the entire lifetime of a rotor blade of the calculation methods and material parameters on the aerodynamics and optimised manufacturing technologies for condition monitoring, maintenance, recycling and disposal. Date of the event is the 23 24.6.2009 in Essen. Under the direction of Christoph Kensche (Hexion Specialty Chemicals Stuttgart GmbH), refer to high-calibre professionals and combine the theoretical considerations with her many years of practical experience. The event is aimed at developers, designers, production engineers and technicians of the manufacturer, as well as at staff of operators, insurance companies, banks and experts.

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