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1. Smile when greet clients in person and by phone (yes, they can tell whether you smile even on the phone!). 2. Use age-appropriate greeting. 3. Be proactive and ask how you can be helpful. 4.

Stay visible and accessible, but do not strain your client. It is economically expedient course. 5. Do not turn away and do not go, starting to make a phone call, or do not hide under the counter when a customer approaches. 7.Zhivoy patron has an advantage over someone who orders or phone calls.

8. Never judge by appearance, all clients deserve the attention regardless of their age or appearance. 9. Contact food and drinks in the lounge (if available). 10. Customers do not want to hear about your upcoming break. 11. Make any personal phone calls when you're on a break and out of earshot. 12. It would be correct never answer 'I do not know' if you do not add to it ', but I can find for you. " 13. If the client does not want something to watch on screen or in the menu, go to Rooms and try to find it. 14. If the item is not in the number of rooms, offer to call another store or order it. 15. Learn to read body language to "see" the client, it may well be used, some gesture to help. 16. Do not let the chatty customers monopolize their time, if others are waiting. Especially if it's a highly profitable day. 17. Call for backup support or, if such lines are formed. 18. If the credit card the customer refused, ask if there is another way to pay, he or she want to use. 19. Never discuss customers in front of other customers (they'll wonder what you are talking about them.) 20. Check the product before sale to ensure that no defect or wrong size. 21. Make sure that all customers receive what they paid before they leave your shop. 22. Smile when you say goodbye, and encourage the customer to come again. Here's another tip: if you can give people more than they expect.

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